Ranked: Infuriating Cinema Behaviour

IT should be a nice evening out, a way to switch off and be entertained but sadly other people exist. The scourge that is bad cinema etiquette is an infuriating ordeal many movie goers are subjected to. WWN has compiled a list of the worst offences, have a read below and see how many you’ve… Read more »

Crystal Swing Sells Rights To Songs For €500mn

STEALING headlines from Justin Bieber and eclipsing the $200mn spent by music investment fund Hipgnosis Songs Capital on securing his back catalogue, Irish country supremos Crystal Swing have sold their music rights to Universal Record for a reported €500mn. “We’ll make €80mn a year from Hucklebuck related merch alone, we’ve robbed them blind,” said head… Read more »

“Why All Irish Oscar Nominees Deserve To Win Despite The Fact I’ve Seen None Of The Movies”

WWN’S resident movie critic Paul O’Neill assesses the competition facing Ireland’s Oscar hopefuls and comes to the only logical conclusion. “Colin deserves the Oscar of that I’m sure. People will bring up the fact I’ve been vocal about not wanting to see Banshees ‘cus I heard it’s shite but my opinion on the rightful winner… Read more »

Renowned Maggot-Actor Honoured By Academy

IRISH eyes were smiling following the announcement of the 2023 Oscar nominations this morning, with nods for Brendan Gleeson, Colin Farrell, Barry Keoghan and Kerry Condon, as well as a special mention for lifelong actor of the maggot Malcolm McConnon. Waterford’s own McConnon, 38, has been acting the maggot ever since he graduated from a… Read more »