Man Under False Impression People Want To See Videos Of Him Working Out


DESPITE never receiving any indication that anyone watches his work-out videos, local man Jeremy Haden continues to record himself in the gym doing gym things before then taking the time to upload them to his social media channels, WWN reports.

Documenting his bench presses, squats and lunges, the now fully grown adult has left scrolling family members and friends perplexed as to his reasoning for the daily dose of mundane exercise vlogging.

“No one asked for this,” long-time friend-for-now Danny Roche pointed out, “there’s nothing I hate more about going to the gym than to see videos of other people in the gym – I’d rather rub my eyes with industrial sandpaper”.

Experts believe the phenomenon of going to a public gym and positioning your phone camera in such a way it records yourself lifting things in a repetitive motion is believed to be put down underlying narcissism, a precursor to blossoming into a full-time career in fitness.

“They usually start like everyone going to the gym, but then when they start seeing the results they feel obliged to share their newly formed physique with everyone else,” psychologist Professor Jane Hartley explains, “normally if they don’t get reactions to their videos they’ll get bored and just stop, but if they even get a whiff of a like or a comment they’ll start moving onto the next stage, personal training”.