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Sunflowers Actually Voyeuristic Perverts, Scientists Discover

ONCE thought to be majestic beauties towering over gardens, the common sunflower has been outed for the pervert they are after a new scientific study found them to be voyeuristic in nature, peering over fences and into windows across the world for their own pleasure. “Filthy yokes,” was the professional conclusion of a three-year study… Read more »

Pull Out Method To Be Made Free To Men Aged 17-25

THE GOVERNMENT has confirmed that in line with its decision to make contraception free to 17-25 year olds, Irish men will also be able to avail of the pull out method free of charge as part of the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) (No. 2) Act 2022. “That’s a weight off, it’s one of those decisions that… Read more »

Local Woman Had That Ailment You Have, Only Worse

NEIGHBOURS, relatives and friends of Waterford woman Margaret Whelan have learned better than to try and out-sick her over the years, as there apparently isn’t a disease or ailment the 66-year-old hasn’t had and subsequently overcame. “If you say you have a cough, she’ll immediately let you know that she too had a cough a… Read more »

HSE ‘One Cold Sore’ Away From Crumbling

THE truth about how close the Irish health system came to total collapse has been revealed in a stunning new book titled ‘The Almost-Shat Togs’, which gives a behind the scenes look at the weeks following the initial 2020 lockdown and how we were ‘one hospital porter with a hangover’ from total chaos, as is… Read more »