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France Offers To Protest Appalling Lack Of Child Mental Health Services On Ireland’s Behalf

HAVING carried out a protest at the weekend over hospital overcrowding, the prospect of heading straight back out again to protest the appalling and potentially fatal state of child and adolescent mental health services in the country is proving a bridge too far for Irish people. However, seasoned protesters in France have offered to protest… Read more »

Leaked: Stephen Donnelly’s Brainstorming Solutions To Hospital Chaos

HAVING visited Beaumont Hospital yesterday evening but not before giving senior managers enough notice to panic-hide the trail of trolleys, Stephen Donnelly held a closed doors brainstorming session with Dept of Health and HSE officials. With over 900 people on trolleys, and 1500 people in hospitals with flu, RSV or Covid-19, the Minister for Health… Read more »

HSE Says Only Attend A&E If Necessary: Here’s How To Know If Your Ailment Counts

A record 931 people on trolleys waiting for hospital admission, a ‘major internal incidence’ declared at Limerick Hospital and the public is being asked to only present themselves at A&E if it’s really necessary; health service workers are under immense pressure. WWN Health taken a piece of the HSE PR-spin money pie to help you… Read more »

“Now Wouldn’t Be A Good Time To Get Sick” HSE Warns

THE HSE has advised people not to get sick while gesturing wildly in the direction of Irish hospitals when asked for an explanation. “You’d be doing yourselves and us a huge favour by not getting sick or requiring any medical help this Christmas period because we’re more stuffed than a turkey at the minute,” explained… Read more »

Sunflowers Actually Voyeuristic Perverts, Scientists Discover

ONCE thought to be majestic beauties towering over gardens, the common sunflower has been outed for the pervert they are after a new scientific study found them to be voyeuristic in nature, peering over fences and into windows across the world for their own pleasure. “Filthy yokes,” was the professional conclusion of a three-year study… Read more »