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Read The Government’s Heartwarming Message To The Nation’s 3,594 Homeless Children

KEEN not to forget the impact the housing crisis is having on young children across Ireland the coalition government took time out from half-hearted squabbling over tax cuts for middle income earners to directly address those children who have found themselves homeless. “Firstly, we’d like to apologise for failing to hit our target of 15,000… Read more »

Missing Limerick Man Found Safe And Well

GARDAÍ have ended their missing persons search for Limerick man Niall Collins after he made his first appearance in front of the Irish media in weeks, much to the relief of the Irish public. “Oh thank God, I’d thought we’d lost him,” said one concerned member of the public, who had joined the many high… Read more »

Tánaiste Willing To Go To War With China & Russia If It Stops People Talking About Niall Collins

TAKING a break from ill-tempered and politically motivated attacks on Irish media outlets whose reporting has resulted in the resignation of two junior minister and an investigation into An Bord Pleanála, Tánaiste Micheál Martin is entertaining the idea of antagonising two of the most hostile countries on the planet which boast substantial military capabilities. “We… Read more »

Citizens Assembly On Drugs To Hear From Singaporean Judge Who Gave Death Penalty To Man With 1kg Of Cannabis

GRAPPLING with the thorny issue of drugs in Ireland and eager to ensure the full spectrum of opinion on drug matters is aired during its sitting lest the country accidentally sleepwalk into sensible and measured decision-making, the Citizens Assembly is to hear from the Singaporean judge who ordered the execution of a man found in… Read more »