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New Record: Coalition Made It To Wednesday Before Minister Embroiled In Resigning Scandal

THE COALITION is celebrating its finest achievement since entering office in 2020; making it to Wednesday before a minister is desperately fighting to keep their job. Fianna Fáil’s Niall Collins, who stands accused along with his wife of using different names on applications for the purposes of securing planning permission for a house, has pledged… Read more »

“Sorry I Meant ‘Sectarian Backwater'” Sunak Corrects

RISHI SUNAK is facing serious backlash for proclaiming the World’s Most Exciting Economic Zone (formerly Northern Ireland) is unique within the context of the UK as it has the amazing economic opportunity provided by frictionless trade with the EU’s 500 million people, something Sunak said was the stuff of nightmares when campaigning for Brexit. “The… Read more »

POLL: Who Should Be The Social Democrats Next Leader?

WITH the announcement that Róisín Shortall and Catherine Murphy are to step down as co-leaders of the Social Democrats, debate and discussion about who should succeed them has already begun. Who would you like to see take charge of the centre-left party which currently six TDs in the Dáil and campaigns on a platform of… Read more »