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Johnson Would Refuse To Resign If Caught Drinking Pint Out Of Deceased Queen’s Skull During Her Funeral, Finds Report

A NEW REPORT conducted by the Boris Behaviour Commission has confirmed that the current British PM Boris Johnson has an incredibly high threshold for what he believes is a resign-worthy scandal. Faced with constant accusations of lying and presiding over a corrupt, rule-breaking government, Johnson confirmed not even being caught drinking a pint out of… Read more »

Emergency Sitting Of Dáil Called To Increase Politicians Pay After Senator Spends Night In Car

WHILE the rest of the country was slumbering peacefully after double checking every single electrical item was plugged out and the heating wasn’t on, Ireland’s politicians passed legislation to ensure the nightmare of the cost of living crisis didn’t apply to them. After Fianna Fáil senator Eugene Murphy suffered the consequences of his government’s policies… Read more »

Government Votes Down Dáil Motion To Carry Out Knick-Knack On Russian Embassy

OPPOSITION TDs in the Dáil have labeled the coalition government ‘spineless’ after it cynically voted down yet another motion tabled by rival parties, on this occasion voting against sending a stern message to the Russian embassy by doing a knick-knack. “Cowardice and hypocrisy is what it is,” went the incredulous reaction from Sinn Féin leader… Read more »