Co-Worker Always Making Sure To Chime In On Meetings With Point You Already Made


ALWAYS prompt, always willing to voice his opinion and always just a repeat of what was just fucking said by someone else first but worded slightly differently, office worker James Brophy can’t keep getting away with this.

In person and on Teams, Brophy displays an incredible ability to operate on a delay, which leaves him loudly and forcibly parroting genuine input made by other colleagues much to the distress of his co-workers.

“Just to circle back on that really solid point James made, if the client is a bit resistant maybe an in-person demonstration of the software is needed,” confirmed boss of FreeUp Payment Solutions, latching onto a point from Brophy that first came out of someone else’s mouth five minutes earlier.

“He’s almost gaslit me into thinking he doesn’t know he’s doing it. At times he looks more disconnected than an old dial up Eircom modem abandoned at the bottom of a quarry and then out of nowhere he just blurts out stuff we’ve already said,” confirmed disgruntled co-worker Anna Sheehan.

There are fears that if Brophy continues this trajectory and plagiarises all his input from colleagues who formulate their own thoughts, he could be everyone’s boss within 5 years.