Fish That Lives In The Deepest Part Of The Ocean And Has Never Seen Light, Also Hates James Corden

A HIDEOUS-LOOKING scaled monstrosity from the depths of the Laurentian Abyss has joined the majority of carbon-based lifeforms on this planet in the opinion that the Friends reunion was ‘very enjoyable’, but was ruined by the presence of British actor-turned-onmipresent TV host James Corden. “Tell me, does this being feature in many of your television… Read more »

WWN Reviews The Latest NPHET Briefing

WWN REVIEWS the latest episode in the long running ratings smash NPHET. It’s always tough to know when to end a long running series. All the energy, verve and pizzazz NPHET briefings were known for when it first burst onto our TV screens seems to have been drained from these latest episodes. Must-see live TV… Read more »

5 Irish Timelines We’d Like To See Loki Fix

TOM HIDDLESTON’S charming, butter-wouldn’t-melt villain returns in Disney+ series ‘Loki’ to fix timelines and alter human history. The release of the 6-part original series from Marvel Studios got us thinking what hugely significant moments in Irish history could the God of Mischief change for the better? 1) Eurovision Infiltrating the Irish Eurovision entry selection committee… Read more »

We Handpicked The Worst Possible Screenshot Of Matthew Perry From The ‘Friends’ Reunion So We Can Publicly Speculate On His Health For Clicks

AFTER hours of debate over what exact frame to use of Matthew Perry from the ‘Friends’ reunion, WWN has carefully chosen the worst possible screenshot we could find in the hopes it will spark some form of speculation about the actor’s current state of wellbeing with our readers. Not happy to leave Perry’s historical substance… Read more »