Man Who Received “Really, No Explanation After 6 Years Together?” Text From Ex Can Relate To Lad In ‘Baby Reindeer’


“I COULDN’T get past the first episode, I was so freaked out, it was basically my life,” confirmed local man and viewer of Netflix show ‘Baby Reindeer’ Dermot Cannigan, left shook by the events depicted which bore an eerie resemblance to his experience after he dipped out on his girlfriend of six years in the dead of night.

“I shit you not, I gathered my stuff, cancelled all bills in my name, told the landlord I was gone and left in the dead of night while my ex was out for birthday drinks with friends and then out of nowhere… the texts and emails started the next day,” revealed Cannigan, reliving the harrowing nightmare like it was yesterday.

‘Where are you?’, ‘Dermot are you okay?’, ‘Really, this is how you break up after 6 years? Not even a note?’, ‘Rent is due tomorrow, what about our car repayments? Where’s my work laptop?’ reads the text from Cannigan’s stalker.

“We were broken up hours and it’s like, let it go give me space, move on, let me and the girl from work I’ve shacked up with live in peace,” said Cannigan who was thinking of suing the makers of the Netflix drama for blatant ripping off of his life story with some minor details changed.

Cannigan spoke of how his unhinged ex even texted his friends and family inquiring as to his whereabouts, and expressing confusion as to why he disappeared abruptly.

“Would send a chill up and down and sideways across your spine, anyway, I’ll be on to Netflix to see about doing a show on it. Some absolute head the balls out there,” concluded Cannigan.