Local Man Still Going On About ‘Dune Part Two’


DESPITE showing in cinemas for a number of weeks, local man and movie buff Conor Dannon is still going on, at great length, about Dune Part Two and its endless genius, WWN can confirm.

“What do you mean you haven’t seen the new Dune?” Dannon barked in astonishment at a terminally ill patient at the hospital he works at.

Whether it’s discussing the cinematography, the rich world building, how fucking weird the giant worms are or the acting performances Dannon’s topics for conversation have been stuck on all things Dune for some time and show no sign of changing.

“And the sound man, it’s like Hans Zimmer himself is giving your ears a rim job or something,” Dannon told cinema goers in front of him at what was Dannon’s seventh screening of the film.

Despite his unvarnished joy and love for Denis Villeneuve’s cerebral sci-fi blockbuster, not everyone is appreciative of the 31-year-old’s harping on.

“I wouldn’t mind him going on about it but he was interrupting my cousin giving the eulogy for my uncle,” said a coworker of Dannon’s who has put in a transfer request in a bid to be free of lengthy explanations of how the Fremen could be seen as a stand in for all oppressed peoples subjected to colonisation.

“Dunno if you know but Star Wars borrowed heavily from the original Dune books, and Denis, it’s pronounced D’ni, really tried to use practical special effects were possible and,” shared Dannon speaking to his own reflection for what could have been hours.