Dublin Still Crying Into Their 9 All-Irelands In 14 Years After Galway Defeat


STILL completely broken by something they’ve learned from other counties is called an ‘early exit’, there are fear Dublin fans will never recover from their loss to Galway at the weekend.

“I don’t understand, I’d already got tickets for the final,” said one confused Dublin supporter, crying into his cornflakes and 9 All-Irelands in 14 years for a second consecutive day.

A local education drive is underway in the capital city to prevent Dubliners from instinctively turning up to a semi-finals, scheduled for the weekend of July the 13th.

“It’s never been so bad, I feel like someone’s bleedin’ bursted me,” another Dublin fan ugly crying remarked of the more recent run of just two All-Irelands in four years, prompting Mayo supporters to burst a blood vessel.

Dubliners, so recently unaccustomed to droughts, losses and not having things their own way may become infuriatingly annoying in a completely new and fresh way if a barren period was to begin.

“I prefer the Dublin heads who are completely unmoved by yet another Sam Maguire, than the Dubs constantly moaning about not winning,” said one Galway supporter, apologising to the rest of the country for their side’s first championship victory over Dublin in 90 years.

Elsewhere, a number of solicitors have been contacted by GAA fans asking if it’s possible to sue the Kerry v Derry match for being criminally boring.