Beautiful Flock Of Private Jets Seen Leaving Ireland After Taylor Swift’s Dublin Concerts


THE ROADS surrounding Dublin Airport were jammed early this morning as nerdy carbon emissions spotters gathered to marvel at the sight of a non-native flock of wild private jets taking flight.

“Wow, see that one? It’ll take the planting of 380,000 trees to cancel out the emissions that one generated last year,” said one emissions boffin to his daughter as the child peered through a pair of binoculars at a departing Taylor Swift.

Airport security personnel have been criticised after desperate Aer Lingus passengers, whose flights had been cancelled due to the on-going pilot dispute, clung onto the wing of one jet pleading with the Shake It Off singer to take a detour and drop them off at Malaga airport.

“This is so unfair, she’s got at least two of them, just give us a lend like, we need this fucking holiday” said one irate Irish mother-of-three, who carried the fury of a thousand bitter break up songs inside her.

Fears over Swift’s carbon footprint have been alleviated after word got around that there was a climate change talk held on a stage at Glastonbury over the weekend.

Elsewhere, a bereft Irish media were seeking treatment for Taylor Swift clickbait withdrawals symptoms.