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Zuckerberg To Make Damn Sure Ocasio-Cortez Never Gets Elected Again

A FURIOUS Mark Zuckerberg has returned to Facebook headquarters after a gruelling grilling at a congressional hearing over his social media platform’s poor policing of political information, and has vowed to make sure Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spends the rest of her life ‘waiting fucking tables’. Ocasio-Cortez known as ‘AOC’ took Zuckerberg to task on Facebook’s… Read more »

Offending The Chinese Government, A Guide

DO YOU have any idea how hard it is out there running a thinly veiled dictatorship with an appalling record on human rights and civil liberties that often uses violence to suppress dissent? It’s not easy; just ask China. Recently banning South Park for making fun of its leader Xi Jinping, the Chinese government also… Read more »

Britain To Launch Its Own EU

STOCK markets across the world have been sent into a frenzy this afternoon as the UK announced it will launch its own European Union next year, aptly naming the new venture EU.2, WWN can confirm. Speaking outside Number 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson detailed plans for a “bigger, stronger Europe”, calling on neighbours Ireland… Read more »