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“I Can’t Wait To Pick Fruit” Local Man Noel MacKovic Takes Up Australia’s Call For Backpackers

WATERFORD man Noel MacKovic welcomed Australia’s latest invitation to backpackers in the form of waiving the €313 visa application fees for those arriving in Australia within the next 12 weeks, WWN reports. “I can’t wait to pick fruit with fellow countrymen and have some crack, boy,” Mr. MacKovic told WWN at his John’s Park home…. Read more »

“I Couldn’t Dock A Smartphone”

“SERIOUSLY, I don’t know how the hell I’ve docked hundreds of luxury yachts, I haven’t a clue what I’m doing,” Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach tells WWN in an exclusive one-on-one interview, following on from the success of the hugely popular reality show. We caught up with Captain Lee in Monaco ahead of filming for… Read more »

“Aside From Attending Events When He Knew He Had Covid & Lying On His Visa Form, Novak Is The Victim”

AUSTRALIA’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa, sparking a fresh flood of controversy, laughter and memes. However, someone who is not laughing is diehard as-of-last-week Djokovic fan David Singley, who has never seen someone so thoroughly mistreated as he has the Serbian tennis great. “Look if you completely discount the fact he… Read more »