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EU Turn To Israel For Gas As Russia Continue Committing War Crimes On Land That Isn’t Theirs

WITH THEIR conscience preventing them from buying Russian gas, knowing the proceeds would fund the committing of war crimes on land that isn’t Russia’s, the EU has turned to Israel in a bid to supply the fossil fuel. “An occupying force unwilling to honour international agreements nor basic humanity as it deprives people of their… Read more »

Truss Hopes Bulldozing Through Good Friday Agreement Enough To Convince Tories She Could Be Next Leader

BRITAIN’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss signaled her intention to bulldoze through the Good Friday Agreement and launch the Northern Ireland protocol out of a canon by replacing it with sovereignty-shitting unicorns in the clearest sign yet she is a shoe-in to become the next Tory leader. “The EU were close to compromising on the protocol… Read more »