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“Starving Children, Escalating Crime, Destroying Economy,” Johnson Reveals UK Roadmap Out Of Lockdown

AS NATIONS such as Ireland look on enviously at the progress the UK makes with its vaccine programme, PM Boris Johnson has revealed details of the country’s road map out of lockdown. Johnson, famous for his trustworthy nature and ability to lead without any hiccups, mishaps or law breaking has said that lockdown restrictions in… Read more »

Lucky Australians Don’t Get Their News From Facebook Anymore

ENVIOUS social media users from across the world have expressed their palpable envy for Australians’ news-free Facebook experience. “Wow, lucky bastards; no crazy aunt arguing with you under the 50 racist Daily Mail articles she’s posted, no old school friend sharing anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. Those Aussies are living the dream,” confirmed one social media user… Read more »

There’s Always Fucking Something, Finds Study

NEW evidence discovered by an Irish funded scientific study has concluded that ‘there’s always fucking something’, proving at long last that when things seem to be going your way, some absolute crap pops up to ruin your day. The study, which focused on 1,000 people over a ten-week period who claimed they were having a… Read more »