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Local Man Still Calls It ‘Hailo’

DESPITE the rapid advance of time, the accumulation of new experiences and the erosion of old memories one local Dublin man has the name ‘Hailo’ seared forevermore into his brain and will not refer to the popular taxi app any other way, WWN can confirm. Rendering several expensive rebrands as ‘fairly fecking pointless’ 29-year-old Liam… Read more »

Beef Dispute Solved After Taoiseach Does The Hucklebuck

SHOWCASING his deft interpersonal skills which sees him easily break through barriers and cross all divides based around political, religious, cultural and social backgrounds, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has become the man to solve the intractable issues surrounding Ireland’s beef disputes. Beef farmers unhappy with the money they receive from big corporations and the seeming indifference… Read more »