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Social Media Sites Under Increasing Pressure Not To Be Such Deep Cesspools Of Unending Hate

A SENIOR EU official overseeing digital policy has warned tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook or the Facebook owned Instagram and WhatsApp could face fines if they fail to reverse their platforms’ slide towards cavernous cesspools of knuckle dragging hate and bile, WWN can reveal. With curbing disinformation and hate speech at the top of… Read more »

Delayed Launch Of Facebook ‘Dating’ Feature Blamed On Amount Of Ugly Single People

THE OVERABUNDANCE of ugly single people has been given as the reason for Facebook’s delayed launch of the ‘Facebook Dating’ feature across Ireland and Europe. Scheduled to launch the day before Valentine’s Day this year, the dating feature was the tech giant’s answer to popular apps like Grindr and Tinder, however, Facebook confirmed the postponement… Read more »

Irish Criminals Voice Concerns About Influx Of Other, Better Criminals

A CONSORTIUM of Irish criminals, crooks, villains, ruffians, roustabouts and ne’er-do-wells have issued a statement expressing their concerns about the recent rise in crime from better run, more effective foreign gangs. The joint statement comes following Gardaí investigations into a Lithuanian crime syndicate who have been operating a multi-million Euro bicycle theft ring in major… Read more »

“We Only Hack People, Not Phones”

CHUCKLING with the sort of sociopathic remove required to be a member of the ruling family of a country that murders journalists and commits war crimes in Yemen, Mohammed bin Salman has sought to clear up accusations that Saudi Arabia orchestrated the hacking of Amazon billionaire and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos’s phone. “Oh you… Read more »

Local Man Still Calls It ‘Hailo’

DESPITE the rapid advance of time, the accumulation of new experiences and the erosion of old memories one local Dublin man has the name ‘Hailo’ seared forevermore into his brain and will not refer to the popular taxi app any other way, WWN can confirm. Rendering several expensive rebrands as ‘fairly fecking pointless’ 29-year-old Liam… Read more »

Beef Dispute Solved After Taoiseach Does The Hucklebuck

SHOWCASING his deft interpersonal skills which sees him easily break through barriers and cross all divides based around political, religious, cultural and social backgrounds, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has become the man to solve the intractable issues surrounding Ireland’s beef disputes. Beef farmers unhappy with the money they receive from big corporations and the seeming indifference… Read more »