Exclusive: First Pics Of Embryo Hollywood Actor Will Be Dating In 18 Years Time


TMZ has gotten the exclusive first pic of the human embryo which will go on to become the teenager who forms one half of the most gossiped about celebrity pairings of 2042 when she’s seen on a date with an as yet unnamed Hollywood actor about to hit 40 this year.

“Wow, and you can see why they’d be interested, the embryo is stunning,” said TMZ reporters, their camera slamming up against the glass windows outside an IVF clinic in California.

It is believed a queue is already forming outside will-be mum Francesca Milton’s as yet unbuilt nursery room, with arguments over who gets to take out her future daughter when she turns 18 currently taking place between Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anthony Kiedis and Drake among others.

“The embryo and the celeb are likely to start dating after exchanging DMs through their Neuralink brain implants, shortly after meeting at the exclusive Malibu emergency shelters built by Mr Beast to combat exchange extreme weather events and the fallout from the Trump nuclear wars of 2032 and 2039,” added TMZ.

“The interest in the couple is huge, it’s worth $4bn to the celebrity drama podcasting industry alone”.