“I’ve Never Heard Of Him, But This Is Going To Make Me A Fortune,” Say Brendan O’Carroll And Tyler Perry At Same Time

TWO of the world’s foremost experts in dressing up as ‘the loud obnoxious old women’ stereotype have come together for a cross-over movie that both parties are excited about, even if neither have really heard of each other. Believing that what the world needed more than anything else at this time was a movie featuring… Read more »

Take A Break From The News With Pictures Of These Animals Dressed In Costumes

BILLIONAIRES amassing record wealth as 99% of the planet’s wealth stagnated or dropped, natural disasters wreaking havoc, impending wars, Covid or an endless parade of horrific violence, whatever news is currently giving you anxiety, accept this interruption: Don’t question how comfortable the dog was when this photo was taken, jeez, just enjoy it. Think of… Read more »

“I Can’t Wait To Pick Fruit” Local Man Noel MacKovic Takes Up Australia’s Call For Backpackers

WATERFORD man Noel MacKovic welcomed Australia’s latest invitation to backpackers in the form of waiving the €313 visa application fees for those arriving in Australia within the next 12 weeks, WWN reports. “I can’t wait to pick fruit with fellow countrymen and have some crack, boy,” Mr. MacKovic told WWN at his John’s Park home…. Read more »

Pandemic Over, Again

THE government are considering easing restrictions at a meeting this weekend, following the news that the pandemic is mercifully over again for another while. Early closing hours and social distancing rules are all on the table at the meeting, following the news that the Omicron wave in Ireland appears to have peaked, and cases have… Read more »

Youngest Sibling Bagsies The Family Home

UNDER THE false impression that the family home is now his because all his brothers and sisters have moved out, Niall Cantwell casually began redecorating in his head despite both parents still being alive and well. “If I knocked that wall out I’d have a nice open plan kitchen and living room with a huge… Read more »