Afghanistan Must Be Out Of Oil, Concludes World

REMARKING on the news that US president Joe Biden intends to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11, clear-eyed observers concluded the Middle Eastern country must be out of oil, heroin or lucrative construction contracts. “Actually we went into Iraq for oil, completely different pointless never-ending war you ignorant idiots,” explained… Read more »

Welfare Recipients Warned Of Scam Where Dept. Of Social Protection Tell Them There’s Loads Of Jobs Out There

HAVING just been made aware of one ‘sophisticated’ scam involving people being asked for their bank details, those on welfare have been alerted to a second, more serious scam which reportedly involves the Department of Social Welfare telling people there’s plenty of jobs out there. “Whether it’s someone on jobseekers or even on the PUP,… Read more »

How To ‘Solve’ Northern Ireland, According To This Dubliner

FRESH from recent ‘disturbances’ in Loyalist communities ‘up north’ WWN’s resident self-appointed Northern Ireland expert, Dublin native Paddy Fenton, believes he has unearthed easy remedies to the interminable problem that is Northern Ireland. “Oh what are they like,” teased Fenton, grinning the sort of grin only a man who has ‘solved’ Northern Ireland could. “I’m… Read more »