Ireland V France Recap

IRELAND MAY have lost 1-0 to France but there were more positives to take than an STD clinic’s lab in-tray. Following an additional VAR review this morning, replays still have no idea how Mike Maignan kept out that Collins header. Kylian Mbappé apologised for missing the game last night. The PSG man denied skipping out… Read more »

Israelis Draw Line At Government Oppressing Own Citizens

“I CAN’T help but express my shock that a government, leaning ever-further to the right, that presides over a dehumanising apartheid could be so dismissive of our basic rights” voiced one incensed Israeli, just one of thousands taking part in protests against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to overhaul the judiciary. “Giving the ruling party… Read more »

European Leaders Wish Protestors Could Be More Like The Irish

IRELAND’S preferred method of protest remains the envy of European leaders, according to a survey carried out as actually-disruptive disruption continues in France and Germany. Germany’s public transport system is currently ground to a halt following dual strikes from bus and train operators, while in France officials have admitted that they’re not entirely sure why… Read more »