Dublin Zoo Defends New Social Welfare Recipients Enclosure

A CONTROVERSIAL new enclosure at Dublin Zoo has become the source of intense debate among the public, with many defending being given the chance to observe and study the social welfare recipient of the species just in time for the arrival of the Christmas bonus payment. “Some are already demanding its closure, but I quite… Read more »

Kanye West Finally Does Something Worse Than Interrupting Taylor Swift At VMAs

UNCONTROVERSIAL, even tempered and always tethered to reality Kanye West has finally, after many attempts, eclipsed the horrors of interrupting Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAS. “Personally I don’t think engaging in rampant antisemitism and declaring your adoration for Hitler is AS bad as ruining Taylor’s big moment, but we’re all entitled to our opinions,”… Read more »

WWN’s World Cup Recap

JAPAN’S winning goal and the resulting controversy was the craziest thing to happen last night up until Kanye West stepped into Alex Jones’ studio for a chat. The football cliche has been updated to ‘you can actually write off the Germans’ after two consecutive group stage exits at the World Cup. With Spain taking the… Read more »

Graham Dwyer Appeal Set To Boil Piss Nationwide

AS THE Court of Appeal begins hearing his case against his 2012 conviction for the murder of childcare worker Elaine O’Hara, the nation is stocking up on Gaviscon to combat the heartburn that Graham Dwyer walking free on a technicality would cause. The killer’s legal team will argue that the use of his mobile phone… Read more »

The Upsides Of Homelessness

WWN is delighted to be paid a small fee to partner with the 11 local authorities in Ireland that failed to build a single house in 2022 to produce this uplifting guide on the hidden upsides of homelessness. The fresh air Not being tied down. A mortgage is like a milestone around the neck. Rent… Read more »