Protest Consists Of Same Bunch Of Head The Balls Again

AN anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-abortion, anti-lefty bullshit protest group has gathered in Dublin today, around about the same time they normally do, shouting the same stuff, attracting roughly the same number of like-minded loopers as per usual. Eleven or so people, up from yesterday’s 8 or 9, formed a circle across from the Dáil and… Read more »

Everything Farmers Need To Know About The Carbon Budget

REPEATING a pattern started by Enda Kenny when he returned from France after signing Ireland up to the Paris Climate Agreement to tell farmers ‘ah don’t worry we won’t actually do any of that shite’, the government has reminded farmers they’re too powerful and loud a voice in Irish politics for them to actually be… Read more »

Other Experiences That Would Be Improved By Having To Buy Tickets In Advance

WHILE some are apoplectic over the fact the government still has no legally binding regulations in place for the reopening of the entertainment and hospitality sectors they claim they were preparing for in advance, others think this constantly-evolving ‘tickets for nightclubs’ idea has some legs and could be applied to other areas of Irish life… Read more »