‘Wind Energy Causes Erectile Dysfunction’ & 5 More Things We Learned From Our Meeting With Gas & Oil Chiefs

PEOPLE who think that wind farms are the solution to our energy needs haven’t considered their potentially lethal side effects, according to a new report released by some of the world’s gas and oil giants. During a press conference we attended, we heard that anyone arguing for renewable energy sources should consider the following: 1)… Read more »

Sound Student Left Without Accommodation Reserving None Of His Frustration For Refugees

WITH increased reporting of students having deposits returned for accommodation they had secured for the upcoming academic year due to premises being occupied by Ukrainian refugees, one particularly clear-eyed student has refrained from diverting his frustration towards the one party completely devoid of blame. “My dad is going mad, my mam is stressed t’fuck and… Read more »

New Kilkenny Manager Undergoes Codyfication Process

YELLOW and black smoke has been spotted bellowing out of a keep at Kilkenny castle today signifying a new senior hurling manager has been appointed to replace the departing Brian Cody, WWN can confirm. Crowds cheered as Derek Lyng was announced by a spokesman as castle trumpeters echoed throughout the marble city, with the 44-year-old… Read more »

The Best Rumours To Spread About Your GAA Rivals

BE IT a rival teammate, selector, club or inter-county team no one does spreading unsubstantiated rumours like the GAA community. Have you recently come into possession of a seething and unfounded contempt for a rival? Well, naturally you’ll be wanting to spread rumours about them sooner rather than later and you can’t beat the following… Read more »