BREAKING: Man Jogging Like He’s Just Been Shot With Tranquilizer Dart


EMERGENCY services have confirmed that a call out regarding a local man struggling along a busy road in Waterford City centre was in fact just jogging, and not in need of medical assistance, WWN has learned.

John Holden was spotted by several motorists and passersby in what they claim was a distraught state as calls flooded into local emergency departments.

“He looked like he was shot with a tranquilizer dart or something,” eyewitness Jimmy O’Brien told WWN, “he looked in right pain and seemed to be running away from something as opposed to just, you know, running”.

Unaware of the calls to help him, the surprised 39-year-old told paramedics that it’s just the way he runs; legs and arms flaying all over the place like he was in complete agony.

“In hindsight, I suppose the agonising look on my face didn’t help,” Holden recalled his bi-weekly jog, “I hate exercise and I guess it tells as my body looks like it’s rejecting its own limbs with every stride”.

Following today’s incident, Holden vowed to now wear a sign on his Hi-Viz saying ‘I just run really weird’, to ward off any future calls to 999.