HR Ask Worker Sobbing In Office Bathroom To Keep The Noise Down


HR PERSONNEL at McAdam & Sons have appealed to office worker Victoria Baggin, currently sobbing in the office bathroom, to refrain from doing so as Baggin runs the risk of being accused of creating a hostile work environment.

“Hogging one of the four cubicles isn’t exactly being a ‘team player’ is it Victoria? And there’s been a real plunge in productivity out there, everyone speculating on who’s in here crying, ya know? Disruptive, that’s the word on the street, that’s what you’re being accused of,” confirmed one member of the HR team, prompting Baggin to offer to formally register her grievance.

“No, I prefer if you didn’t put it in a formal email or anything, could you just tell me your issue here now where there’s no written record and I can later dispute having had this conversation in the first place? I think that would be best for you personally not even taking the company into account, it’s all about how you’re feeling. But again, could you quit the sobbing snot factory you got going on in here,” added the HR worker.

As Baggin insisted on using the opportunity a face to face with HR presented her, the 28-year-old began to relay recent issues with a superior, which presented a problem in the form of other employees becoming witnesses to HR refusing to acknowledge such issues.

“We’ve had a few complaints, specifically from your manager – they asked if you could just not take his volleys of abuse so personally. It’s making him uncomfortable – your fragility is really putting him under pressure to change his management style and when you think about it, that’s not a nice thing to go through for him, is it?” they added, while pointing out he is the ‘Sons’ portion of McAdam & Sons so Baggin can do the maths on this one.