Child Initially Chosen For Children’s Hospital Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Turns 31


“SO MUCH HAS changed; I hit puberty, went to college, got married, had my own kids. Wow, I was so naive back then not only did I think the hospital would be finished on time I thought it would cost €600mn,” confirmed Rory Power blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, the 21st birthday cake he has had since originally being ask to formally open the ‘almost finished’ hospital.

“I never thought I’d reach this age due to my ill health as a kid so I suppose I’ll have to thank those who made that possible; the Spanish health service,” added Power.

Speaking before the Public Accounts Committee hospital officials confirmed the hospital would definitely be finished by late next year, maybe, don’t quote them on that, and probably operational the year after, but sure look, you know how these things go.

Power had confessed to hoping the initial offer to be the ribbon cutter was still open but appreciated it would not be a good look to have an adult doing it.

“The only worse choice for ribbon cutting would be a group of smiling politicians who sat idly by as taxpayers money was set on fire and the budget ballooned, showing zero interest in holding the contractor to account,” concluded Power.