Joking During A Sad Movie Scene To Stop Yourself From Crying, A Guide


SHOWING your capable of emotion and empathy is probably one of the weakest things you can do as a human being, especially in the comfort of your own sitting room surrounded by friends and family.

In a bid to help avoid this horrible scenario WWN has devised this handy guide to inappropriately cracking jokes during the top most tear-jerking scenes in movie history.

When Mufasa dies in The Lion King

People dying in a movie is fine, but by Jesus if you put an animal into the mix and we’re all dead from dehydrating eyeballs. The Lion King scene when Mufasa gets trampled to death will need some top tier comedy, so here’s a couple of hilarious one-lioners (lolz) to get you through it while everyone else weeps and asks what the fuck is wrong with you.

“I hope he had life insurance bahahaha!”

“At least Simba doesn’t have to fork out for Father’s Day now”.

“He’s just lion there… get it?”

When John Coffey asks not to have the hood on because he’s afraid of the dark when he is about to be executed in The Green Mile

Christ this is a tough scene. Poor bastard gets an awful doing and the scene drags out for a good five minutes so best have a good few zingers for this.

“I’d say the electricity bill will through the roof!”

“He won’t be awful tired anymore hahahahahahahaha”

“That’s a bit American now, frying an innocent black man to death.”

“Tom Hanks will be straight off to Epstein’s island after this”.

When Jack dies at the end of Titanic

A classic that still gets you right in the eye sacks but luckily there’s loads of material here when Jack’s hanging on at the end that no one has thought about yet.

“Sure, there’s room for a bus on that thing.”

“She obviously just turned 25 so he just left her go.”

“You’d want the big coat out in that.”

When Jojo finds his mother was hanged in Jojo Rabbit

Stumped with this one. We’d suggest asking if anyone wants a cup of tea and just leave the room to bawl to yourself like a newborn child.