“Who’s Laughing Now?” DVD Collector Sells Entire Collection For €75


“THEY all called me mad, but the only people mad now are the losers who lost out,” DVD collector Tony Fielding gloated today after securing a deal with a local pawn shop for a staggering €75.

Starting his collection in the late 90s, Fielding scoured video stores around the country for the best bargains, accumulating over two thousand classic films over the last 25 years.

“When I kept collecting them after they became obsolete people said I would never get anything for them, but who’s laughing now?” pointed out the 44-year-old son-of-two, who when asked couldn’t put a figure on how much money he actually spent on the discs over the years.

“It doesn’t matter how much I spent on them, what’s important here is that I got money back on them when people said I was wasting my time. I proved them all wrong,” Fielding persisted, looking a bit uncomfortable at the question as this reporter calculated how much he spent.

“Yeah, but that’s 20 grand old money,” he defended, when confronted with the full sum of money he spent on the collection that he has now sold for the equivalent of the very first DVD boxset he bought, 21 Jump Street.

“The point is I’m €75 richer than I was this morning and never listen to complete idiots who haven’t a clue about anything and think they know it all when they don’t, alright?” he concluded.