Queue Of Women Form In Front Of Boy Racer After He Does Rev Of Engine At Traffic Lights


THE STREETS of Dungarvan are at a standstill as a convulsing crowd of rabid women, lost to horny desire, converge on 24-year-old Rory Davitt’s 2009 Mk2 Ford Focus after the boy racer made the decision to rev his engine while subject to a red light at a crossroads.

Rocking the car the back and forth, the screaming mob of sex-hungry women were heard to chant ‘ride us, ride us, ride us,’ as they implored the boy racer to give them what they want.

“He should have known revving his engine like would drive them loopy, he must known the hum of a suped up Ford sets their legs all a quiver, Margaret come back!” said one onlooking pensioner, who feared the irresistible and incredibly impressive Davitt would be ripped limb from limb by the crowd and his wife, Margaret.

“I came out of the shop and it was like Niagara Falls out there, couldn’t get the Caution Slippery When Wet signs up fast enough,” said one retail shop owner, as he joined the turned-on mob in demanding Davitt ride him six ways to Sunday.

The out-of-control scenes have prompted local authorities to plead with boy racers to use their powers of raw sexual magnetism responsibly and be aware of their sex symbol status among women.