The Biggest Revelations In Tony Holohan’s Book


FORMER CMO Dr Tony Holohan has released a much anticipated book ‘We Need to Talk’ and WWN has raced through the pages to discover its biggest revelations which include his time leading NPHET’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Holohan details his upbringing in the book in which he talks of an idyllic childhood and of his parents, a 5G mast and a polio vaccine.

Holohan never explicitly mentions Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly by name in his criticisms of the government response but someone called ‘ginger pubes’ is relentlessly lambasted 493 times across the book.

“Ah, nearly got away with it” Holohan’s assessment of his secondment to Trinity.

This book will trigger your lockdown PTSD.

Holohan refutes the accusation he was paid millions by Big Substantial Meal to back government plans for people to only be allowed pints with a burger and chips.

No mater how many times Holohan insisted, ‘Buzz Kill Renegades’ was never going to be the new name for NPHET.

By chapter four it becomes increasing clear Holohan under impression nation still under a lockdown.

To this day Holohan sleeps in a vat of hand sanitiser.

Leo Varadkar rejected Holohan’s input on his lockdown speeches, seemed reluctant to use movie quote ‘I am death destroyer of worlds’.

One short chapter is just the words ‘I’m Barbie, he’s just Simon Harris’.

Rather than speaking in the third person in his days as CMO and come across as arrogant and conceited, Holohan instead worked his name seamlessly into conversations. “I’d often say ‘Holohang on a second’ or ‘perhaps our Tone-y is all wrong’, ‘CMOh my God, the cases have risen’ that sort of thing,” he writes.

“You can see what I was dealing with?” – a just updated additional chapter to the book reads, referencing Leo Varadkar’s comments yesterday, three years later, that opening up before Christmas against advice which led to 1,500 additional deaths was a mistake.

In the final passages the mask slips and Holohan finally admits that Twitter user PureEire69 was right and that we all have microchips swimming around our blood vessels waiting to be activated by Bill Gates.