“Pints?” Bin Reminder Texts Out Of Nowhere


DECIDING to finally take the plunge and bring customer relations to a whole new level, customers of local refuse company Binlads received a single ‘Pints?’ text last night instead of their usual reminder to put out the black or green bins.

“We understand that our texts are probably the only thing keeping some people going these days so we said fuck it, lets ask if anyone wants to go for scoops,” Binlad’s head of communications Cormac Walsh told WWN.

Receiving dozens of replies, a specialised team of pint guzzlers were assigned to carry out their proposal with some 47 Binperson customers replying yes, forging a now weekly Tuesday night club across the southeast.

“It was a great night out and all and the Binlads are great craic, but I forgot to put out me bloody recycling this morning as I was in such a hoop coming home last night,” local bachelor Larry Ryan (68) told WWN.

In a follow up text the next day, customers who accepted the pints text were greeted with a ‘Hows the head?’ text, followed by ‘I can’t remember getting home lol’, much to the amusement of everyone.

A similar scheme undertaken by energy suppliers texting the same message after issuing a fresh bill was roundly met with universal ‘fuck off’ texts from customers.