L-Plate On Aer Lingus Plane Probably Nothing To Worry About


AER LINGUS cabin crew have reassured passengers that everything is fine and not to worry about the large L-plate on the plane they’re travelling on but would definitely suggest keeping your seatbelt on throughout the flight just to be safe, thanks.

“These things basically fly themselves anyway,” a member of cabin crew explained during the flight safety announcement, as senior pilots who are members of the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA) continue to threaten strikes in a bid to guarantee wage increases.

“Seriously, young Mark has flown dozens of flights… on the simulator, but the technology has moved on so much now that it’s almost no difference,” another member of cabin crew told a worried passenger after the 23-year-old pilot accidentally asked the entire passenger cabin channel ‘what the big flashing light was’, instead of using his fellow co-pilot’s radio channel.

Aer Lingus pilots stated they haven’t had a pay rise in five years and their proposed 24% hike in wages is in line with increases in inflation since then, with the airline responding by escalating the dispute by seeking the renegotiation of all collective agreements.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be in safer hands on the flight back to Ireland – I’m sure these cheaper out-sourced pilots are only temporary until they sort out all this silly pilot wage thing,” a passenger said now trying to console a sobbing Aer Lingus stewardess, who was now rocking back and forth on her staff seat. “Just count yourself lucky you’re not working for Ryanair”.