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Man’s Car So Clean Now He Could Cry

LOCAL MAN Alan Devaney has taken advantage of a rare 4-hour window of free time in his weekend to get his car the closest it has ever been to regaining its ‘fresh out of the box clean’ look it had the day he bought it, prompting a wave of emotion. Devaney, who thinks valet services… Read more »

Local Man Clearly Wants Pandemic To Go On Forever

LOCAL busybody Ciaran Caul is so besotted with the anxiety filled thrill gifted to him by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasing clear he wants this seismic disruption to normality to continue until the end of time. “You know the way after this amount of time, you do others the kindness of not throwing… Read more »

Welfare Recipients Warned Of Scam Where Dept. Of Social Protection Tell Them There’s Loads Of Jobs Out There

HAVING just been made aware of one ‘sophisticated’ scam involving people being asked for their bank details, those on welfare have been alerted to a second, more serious scam which reportedly involves the Department of Social Welfare telling people there’s plenty of jobs out there. “Whether it’s someone on jobseekers or even on the PUP,… Read more »