Moving Scenes As Ireland Reunited With Its Pubs

THERE wasn’t a dry eye or undamaged liver in the early houses this morning, as sentimental and emotional Irish men and women were reunited with their newly reopened pubs. Dropping to their knees onto the sticky carpets, embracing their favourite rickety bar stool in a hug and mindlessly splashing their urine all over their favourite… Read more »

Growing Calls For Men To Be Neutered

THE PREVAILING school of thought across swathes of academic and medical fields is now spreading throughout society, with the once fringe idea of involuntarily neutering men gaining mainstream support and approval after a snap poll amongst women. The previously unthinkable measure is gaining huge backing from anyone paying fleeting attention to scandals across industries too… Read more »

Can Budgies Babysit? Your Childcare Questions Answered

WITH new research carried out by the Oireachtas research unit suggesting that the introduction of a universal, public childcare scheme would be beneficial for working parents looking for universal, public childcare, WWN is on hand to answer all of your current questions relating to what to do with your children while waiting for the government… Read more »

‘Not A Mad One’ Turns Into Mad One

DESPITE the best intentions of all involved, a Waterford BBQ/get-together that had been promised to ‘not be a mad one’ turned out, in actual fact, to be a mad one in the late hours of yesterday evening. Here’s how the grave turn of events played out in the O’Driscoll household yesterday. 2PM: Buoyed by the… Read more »