Emotional Parents Welcome Arrival Of Third iPad

WITH tears in their exhausted but elated eyes, Waterford couple Ciaran and Sharon Whallin have brought home a bright, bouncing new iPad weighing just under 500g to their kids, to add to the two tablets that they already have. “People say we’ll have our work cut out for us downloading apps and updating things, but… Read more »

Stop Moving The Fucking Eggs, Supermarkets Told

A COLLECTIVE of shoppers from around the world have today published an open letter to supermarkets in a bid to stop them constantly moving eggs and other vital produce around their stores, forcing shoppers to lose countless hours of their lives. The letter, entitled ‘Stop Moving The Fucking Eggs’, called out big brands for the… Read more »

Common Misconceptions About Irish Women

HELD BACK and undermined by unhelpful and damaging stereotypes which aren’t remotely true, WWN clears up some common misconceptions about Irish women, finally putting some myths to rest: Irish women are the subjected to derision by Irish men. Not true, Irish women would do well to take intense, constructive criticism on every aspect of their… Read more »