Culchie Sure Does Love A Good Tarot Reading

THE death of Mystic Meg has hit the astrology community hard, no more so than in rural Ireland where tarot card readings and fortune telling remains one of the most common pastimes among boggers of all ages. No-one quite knows when or why culchies latched on to fortune telling, but it remains the second-most popular… Read more »

Misogynist Takes On First Apprentice

LOCAL new father and misogynist Cormac Balratton has spoken on his happiness at taking on his first ever apprentice and describes the task of training up his apprentice in the ways of sexism as ‘daunting but an honour’. “It’ll just be the basics to begin with,” confirmed Balratton who will oversee an apprenticeship of a… Read more »

A Real Christmas Miracle: Local Mother Gets 5 Minutes Peace

ECLIPSING the birth of Jesus as the most astonishing Christmas miracle ever visited upon humanity, local mother Shona Kelly has been granted five minutes of unbroken peace and quiet. Having endured endless tugs on her sleeves from her children, ceaseless inquiries from her husband about when food would be ready and overbearing suggestions and instructions… Read more »