Husband Only Staying In Marriage For The Sunday Roasts


HUSBAND Ger Reilly would have left his wife years ago if it wasn’t for her delicious Sunday roasts, WWN reports.

Despite having two children together, Eileen Reilly’s ability to perfectly roast chicken, potato, veg and making a God-like gravy was the main reason Ger claimed they were still married after 9 long years.

“The second she stops being able to make these I’m gone – ’til no Sunday roast do us part,” thought Ger, tucking into his 9th goose-fat laced roast potato of the sitting. “By the time Saturday hits I’m already done with her in my head but then I manage to get out for a few beers with the lads before she coaxes me back while I’m hungover the following day – the crafty bitch reels me back in for another week of it”.

Openly weeping at the dinner table, the 39-year-old swore by her stuffing as he went back for seconds before letting his wife know how much he appreciated her cooking.

“You know I love you… on Sundays,” the old romantic exclaimed, saying the last two words under his breath.

Unaware of the thin thread holding their marriage together, Eileen thanked her husband for his kind words before lovingly grabbing his hand, closing her eyes, and fantasising it was his older, wealthier, fitter looking brother.