“You Know, There’s Other Ongoing Conflicts” Confirms Man Who Has No Interest In Those Ones Either


SICK OF seeing people highlight the repeated war crimes being committed by the IDF in Gaza and the West Bank, one man has decided it is his responsibility to point out to people that there are other conflicts occurring in the world, so there.

“Bleat on non stop about Gaza but nothing about Darfur, huh?” offered local man Damien Carty of Sudan, which is experiencing the sort of devastation Carty would dismiss out of hand were it brought to his attention by the very same people.

“Silence on what’s going on in Georgia? Silence on Myanmar? What about Ukraine, suddenly forgot about those poor souls? I could go on,” interjected Carty in comments below postings by people whose concerns he would treat as utterly trivial were they to highlight such things.

Carty admitted he doesn’t know why he feels compelled to spend his evenings calling for more attention to be given to conflicts he has previously complained about getting attention by remarking “we’ve plenty of our own problems to be worrying about”.

“Ah, I dunno, I get a bit of a buzz shitting on people who have empathy. But I’m not broken inside, it’s the people saying death and destruction is wrong that aren’t right in the head, sure it’s always been like this why get bent out of shape over it, nothing we can do. I love bringing up Sudan it’s a gotcha, not that I give one fuck about it, can’t find it on a map, ooh hang on!” concluded Carty before commenting ‘virtue signalling, you couldn’t even find Gaza on a map’ below a social media post of someone stating their objection to mass murder.