Sighting Of Ireland’s First Cyber Truck Turns Out To Be Spray Painted Skip


CAR ENTHUSIASTS were left disappointed after a sighting of what was believed to be Ireland’s first Cyber Truck turned out to be a severely damaged and rusting skip spray painted a muted silver grey.

“Fuck me, that was a close call I nearly bought it for €100k,” said one Tesla fan who had seen the skip listed on who on closer inspection realised it was a much aesthetically pleasing skip.

One Musk enthusiast, who much like the Emerald mine heir turned self-made billionaire cannot admit when he’s wrong, is set to go ahead with his purchase of the skip which he is insisting is a beautiful Cyber Truck.

“Ah this beauty shits all over your conventional SUV, it’s got innovation bouncing awkwardly off all its sharp edges, and everyone will think I’m deadly,” offered John Earley, as he transferred over the €100k asking price.

Earley’s misery was compounded by the fact that once he parked the skip on the road outside his house, the neighbourhood WhatsApp group flooded with 400 message informing everyone some loser just bought the world’s ugliest car and is massively compensating for something.