Minister For Sport To Supply Dodgy Boxes To People Who Can’t Afford GAAGO


IN THE LATEST escalation in the government’s effort to secure a rare PR win, Minister for Sport Catherine Ryan has announced a fresh ploy in the coalition’s war of words against GAAGO.

The €79-a-season paywalled service, owned by the GAA and RTÉ, has seen high profile games removed from free-to-air platforms, prompting Minister Ryan to release fresh funding which will see GAA supporters given dodgy boxes until the games governing body sees the errors of its ways.

“You can get movies and all the American stuff on it too, just don’t mention I was the one that gave it to you, alright?” Minister Ryan said at an official press conference announcing the distribution of the boxes.

While GAA president Jarlath Burns has stated that the government failed to raise concerns to him directly over the service when he met representatives multiple times, a spokesperson for the coalition said “yeah but have you seen what a mess we’re making of everything, taking on GAAGO is literally the only way we’d get a vote these days”.

Previously Tánáiste Micheál Martin stated that until GAAGO was added to the list of things TDs can claim expenses for, he would be opposed to games like Cork v Limerick being showed on the service.

Not all people are happy with the offer of the dodgy box however as one football fan said the GAA’s failure to air London’s Christy Ring Cup tie against Kildare across RTÉ 1, RTÉ 2, TG4, BBC NI and Virgin Media simultaneously just shows how out of touch the organisation is with the grass roots.