McIlroy’s Wife Knew It Was Over When He Started Spending All His Time On Golf Course


A TALE AS old as time, a marriage enters a rough patch and as a couple becomes emotionally distant from one another, the husband retreats to the sanctuary of the golf course.

According to insiders Erica Stoll, wife to Rory McIlroy, sensed the marriage had ‘hit the skids’ when he avoided spending time with her, choosing instead to spend all his spare time on the golf course.

“She felt like a golf widow, sure Erica thought maybe in their older years he’d take up a hobby like that but not now, and not every fricking day,” one source told WWN.

“Then the elaborate, quite blatant BS lies started, ‘oh I’m playing golf in Dubai this week’ ha! Or he’d say ‘I thought I’d only be playing Thursday and Friday but the guys want me to play the whole weekend too because my putting was better than I expected’, it’s like he wasn’t even trying to sound plausible,” added the source.

“Then Rory started talking in riddles he’d say ‘no I’m saying I’m having Major problems’ when Erica said if they had major problems then they need to talk it out,” concluded the source.

Others have defended McIlroy’s hobby, stating they had been through similar troubles themselves.

“It’s a great way to clear the head, especially when there’s tension in the air at home,” said separation expert Tom Neill, who left for the golf club 15 years ago and never returned home, “I think if I ever step back into the house we’ll both have to admit it’s over, I can’t bring myself to do it”.