BREAKING: Food Order Served Suspiciously Fast


SERVED piping hot with all the signs of being nuked in a microwave, a spaghetti Bolognese main ordered by local man Ger Watts came out suspiciously fast for his liking, WWN reports.

“I literally ordered this three minutes ago and the steam off it could run a sauna,” Watts pointed out to this reporter and not the waiting staff serving him the meal.

Not usually one to complain about quick and efficient service, Watts spent the entire sitting wondering if the dish was something they had already prepared in one of those ‘keep hot things’, or was it fucked into a microwave for three minutes and slapped out in front of him, Soviet kitchen style.

“It’s lovely. It tastes great. A bit too hot, so there’s definitely something going on here I’m not aware of. I will have to dock a few marks off it for that reason alone,” he added, now blowing on his fork to cool it down.

Preferring a slightly later delivery time, the Dublin man explained none of this suspicion would have grown in his mind if the meal took 7-10 minutes to be served.

“I wouldn’t have asked any questions then,” he reveals, now picking up the bowl like plate and inhaling the remaining minced beef and tomato sauce contents like a caveman, “to be honest it’s kind of put me off coming here again – shame, the food is gorgeous”.

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