Calling An U-8s Referee A Cunt & Other Signs You’re Setting A Good Example For Your Child


IT CAN BE hard to strike the balance of supportive parent and a referee abusing nutjob when on the sideline of your child’s U-8s match.

You want to believe you’re setting the right example and yet, many a parent has been left guilt ridden by the realisation that while they gently encouraged their child to realise ‘it’s all a bit of fun’ they forgot to call the referee a cunt.

If you’re left with the same horrible feeling every weekend that you’re not being the best role model, here’s some telltale signs that you’re only getting in your head about it all and that you are in fact knocking it out of the park:

You’re a multi-tasker; not only are you teaching your child the rules of the road and how to maintain your car without being pulled over by the police, you’re also smashing in the brake light on the referee’s car.

You utter the phrase “no son, if the first punch breaks the nose you can just leave it at that. They’ve probably learned their lesson”.

Thanks to your immensely helpful headbutt of another father on the sideline, you’ve shown your child how to ‘deescalate the situation’.

Your child is developing that ‘never give up’ attitude thanks to your dedication to still threatening the life of the referee long after he’s called off the game.

You spend the follower evening saying ‘they’ve taken it completely out of context’ when the Six One News only shows a brief snippet of the viral video from the match which unfairly shows you slide tackling a grandmother on the sideline who is in a motorised wheelchair.