Paul Mescal’s Refusal To Take Off GAA Shorts Resulted In $14mn CGI Fixes For Gladiator 2


KEEN EYED movie fans will have noticed something was up with the just released first images from the set of the hotly anticipated blockbuster ‘Gladiator 2’ starring Paul Mescal.

Blurred lines, uneven colour tones and pixelated skin on the thighs all pointed to online sleuths asking questions of the photos which showed Mescal’s gladiator in full battle mode, forcing director Ridley Scott to admit that the movie’s budget ballooned due to the Irish actor’s insistence on keeping his GAA shorts on.

“We had weeks of back and forth, and pleading with Paul, he never relented. ‘Maybe there was GAA in Ancient Rome’ he’d say to me. In the end it was easier to make the CGI team work 24 hour days replacing his shorts with a cingulum, the wide leather belt reinforced with metal plates that goes over the front of a gladiator,” a frustrated Scott explained.

“Even after one of the stuntmen nicked one of his testicles with a sword after it escaped from his O’Neills, he insisted on wearing them. You can imagine with the heat, and never washing them, he smelled like a Roman brothel with a hint of deep heat, Lynx Africa and Leitrim,” added Scott, who believed Mescal to be unhealthily attached to his shorts.

Further money was burned with the use of an on-set counsellor who tried to coax Mescal into Roman garbs.

“He started saying Julius Ceasar togged out for the Lilywhites for the minors. Whatever that means. And there was one day when all he said was ‘who like’s short shorts? Marcus Aurelius likes short shorts'” explained the counsellor, visibly disturbed.