Mom Sparks Debate After Saying She Doesn’t Feed Her Kids Locked Up Under The Stairs


THIS mom refuses to feed her kids locked up under the stairs and while she has her reasons for doing so, people have other opinions about this parenting method.

Jenna Hayes recently took to Instagram to talk about how people online keep questioning her parenting skills after posting a video of her children screaming for help behind a locked door situated under the stairs at her home.

“I understand she may have her reasons but as far as I know children need food to eat and this is probably wrong,” one person commented.

“I do this all the time with my lot. At least they’ve a roof over their heads. Well done, Jenna,” wrote another.

“LOL, I can hear them scratching at the door. That must get really annoying. I don’t blame her at all, but yeah, she should probably feed them something,” added one Instagram user.

The post has gained thousands of comments on the app, with debate brewing over whether parents should be responsible for feeding children under the stairs.

“Kids these days want everything handed to them and I think locking them into a small space and starving them to death will make them better adults in later life,” one man said.

“Maybe show them some videos of starving children in Palestine and they might change their tune. Obviously spoilt little brats thinking they can have anything they want,” said another.

Should children locked under the stairs be given food and water? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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