Hopes Of Peace On The Horizon As Israel Bomb Iranian Generals In Syria


JUST WHEN people were losing hope that a secession from hostilities would ever be achieved, Israeli forces have successfully bombed the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, killing two top military generals in the process.

“And here was me thinking it was all getting a bit out of hand,” one idiot suggested, who lacked the foresight to see how such a strike would return all missing hostages currently held in Gaza.

US officials are now patting themselves on the back after their strategy of sending more arms to Israel while asking ‘pretty please don’t use them’ has paid off handsomely with long-lasting stability in the Middle Eastern region all but guaranteed now.

“It’s antisemitic to suggest that the Iranian embassy, in Syria, is not in Gaza,” confirmed the IDF, which was also bombing Lebanon as part of retaliations against Hezbollah.

The bombing in Damascus which took place a hare’s breath from the Canadian embassy and down the road from the UK and US diplomatic missions

“What the average idiot om the internet doesn’t realise is the Iranian government is famously ‘chill’ about stuff like assassinating the guy coordinating with terror groups, only a fool would think this isn’t going to calm things down,” said one expert, who denied the strike was like trying to calm down a drunk in a bar with jokes about how his mother’s waist is comparable to the circumference of the earth.

Meanwhile, the IDF is satisfied that the bombing should distract from news reports detailing the death and destruction it left behind at the al-Shifa hospital.