Suspicions Raised As No One Has Ever Met Someone From Leitrim


APPEALS HAVE been made for people from Leitrim to come forward and make themselves known after a worrying survey revealed no one has ever met someone from the alleged county, WWN can reveal.

“We urge anyone from Leitrim to raise your hands and provide proof, we don’t want another nonsense prank like when people claimed to be from ‘Carlow’, no time wasters please,” insisted a CSO worker tasked with incorporating Leitrim based statistics into the national records.

It has long been claimed Leitrim is a CIA psyop, launched by the CIA as it wanted to see if, on a small scale at first, a population could be tricked into believing something so obviously fabricated. Once Ireland was fooled, that was their go-ahead to run with the Saddam had nukes story.

However, in the years that followed suspicions grew about Leitrim people on account of no-one famous coming from the county, not even a Fair City presenter or Instagram influencer.

The GAA have confirmed that after searching their own records they found someone retroactively tampered with the records and used tippex to claim the county won the 1994 Connacht championship.

“We ask the public to keep an eye out too, we’ve no idea what Leitrim folk look like but we imagine it’s not too far off some Bigfoot looking sort,” added the CSO official.

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