5 Celebrity ‘Ros Na Rún’ Cameos We Want To See Next


CONAN O’BRIEN’S cameo appearance on Ros na Rún as a money-hungry balloon salesman with a horrifyingly pale complexion and insultingly stereotypical ginger hair has got us here at WWN wondering what celebrities should pay a visit to An Spidéal next.


How would the national language sound coming from the iconic pipes of the Austrian? Arnie could play a drug smuggler in search of his lost stash of cocaine after his boat was wrecked off the coast in a storm.

An increasingly erratic Arnie screaming “cá bhfuil mo cóicín” as the local guard tries to disguise the fact he only deposited 50% of the recovered drugs into an evidence locker and was selling the rest himself is TV gold waiting to happen.

Kim Kardashian

A rogue Gaeltacht hun administering botox, that fell off a van bound for Korea, to the female portion of the population? Kim seems the ideal cameo if you’re looking to generate buzz. But, with budget constraints in mind, producers have intimated to WWN that they would accept any American with a Tiktok following in excess of 5,000 people.

Joe Biden

A lot depends on his availability but with the upcoming US election in the balance, Biden could be amenable to firing up the Irish-American vote with a cameo.

The storyline is a simple one, Biden is visited by the ghost of his west of Ireland relatives and beaten to a pulp for enabling the starvation and suffering of those in Gaza. Hey, what did you expect? Ros na rún has never shied away from contemporary issues, remember the episode where Tadhg Ó Díreáin briefly joined ISIS?

Dot Cotton

June Brown, the actress who played Eastenders royalty, may be dead but if ever there was a justified case for using burgeoning AI technology to digitally resurrect a person, it would be for dear old Dot.

Her errant son, Nick Cotton, has fled to the west coast of Ireland, to lay low in rural Ireland (an area famous for a lack of police presence) after robbing the Queen Vic and putting it in his suitcase. Dot comes back for revenge after developing a John Wick-esque rage after Nick stole her favourite lighter during his burglary spree.

Famous person from India or China

Let’s not beat around the bush here, cameos are only worth it if they help a TV station make money. India and China, with over a billion plus people each, it’s an emerging market and if Ros na Rún’s streaming rights can be sold to an Indian steel magnate/streaming service owner then every step should be taken to make it happen.