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What To Buy For The Man In Your Life Who Just Really Fucking Hates Every Facet Of His Existence

WHETHER it’s a husband, brother-in-law, boyfriend or father, there’s bound to be a man in your life who’s impossible to buy gifts for due to his surly, ‘fuck the world’ nature and his inability to allow himself to be happy. But rather than continue buying this malcontent man another aftershave set, jumper or videogame (all… Read more »

No Pay Increase, Same Mistreatment: All The Steps Some Businesses Are Taking To Fill Vacancies

MANY BUSINESSES in the retail, hospitality and services industries are struggling to find staff at this very difficult and precarious time for Irish businesses. Many debate the reasons and factors behind this, but what are the solutions to this labour shortage crisis? We spoke to some outspoken business owners who believe they have the answers:… Read more »

Omicron: The Facts

HUMANITY was warned that not distributing vaccines around the world evenly would eventually lead to Covid mutations that could have further deadly consequences, and here we are; Omicron, the latest ‘variant of concern’ is already cropping up around the world, startling politicians and worrying virologists. As for the rest of us, we’re left to wallow… Read more »