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“I’m Going To Buy A New Notepad, Pen”: Gardaí Tell Us What They’ll Spend 1% Wage Hike On

SECURING a 1% pay increase in the remainder of this year with a further 2% to come in 2022, delighted gardaí from across the country have shared what they’ll spend the mammoth windfall/bonanza/Euromillions lotto win increase on with WWN. As with all well publicised modest pay increases in Ireland, the increase has been met with… Read more »

Signs You’re Not A Morning Person

THE MORNINGS aren’t for everyone. WWN Business brings you some subtle signs you might be a terse, morning adverse person: 1) You’ll be fucked if you’re arsed reading this before 6pm. 2) Hissing out at sunlight breaking through the curtains. Note: this may mean you are a vampire and WWN is not liable for any… Read more »

Marty Whelan’s Guide To Shagging

IRELAND’S foremost shagger, Marty Whelan talks WWN’s readers through everything you need to know when picking out your next shag carpet: “There’s no pleasure like it, for me it’s shag, shag, shag. You name the room I’d recommend a shag in it. Sitting room, kitchen, study, dining room, that other room no one really has… Read more »