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Guess Those Celebrity Pecks

TEST your pop culture knowledge by guessing which famous person’s pecks you’re staring at. Guess correctly and it’s a proof that you’re a bona fide loser who spends too much time consuming celebrity bullshit. Guess incorrectly and what are you, some kind of cave dwelling simpleton? If you want the two pecks, that’s available to… Read more »

We Compare Taylor Swift’s Carbon Emissions With Taylor Who Drives Drives A Suzuki Swift

THE TRACKING of high net worth celebrities with private jets revealed Taylor Swift’s private jet took 170 flights in the first half of the year generating over 8,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. WWN, in conjunction with Swift’s PR team, poses the question; could emissions largely be the fault of 1% of the global population who… Read more »

Backpacker Returns From 12-Month Trip With Wisdom, Knowledge, And Lad On Him Like A Sock Full Of Old Strawberries

LOCAL man Ciaran Farrell has returned from a year-long backpacking trip around south-east Asia with a newfound awareness of his place in the world, a deep respect for the cultures and customs of others, and a penis that looks like it could honestly fall off at any second. Farrell, who headed off on a nine-country… Read more »

Carpenter Refuses To Work With Wood Anymore, And More Of This Week’s AIB-Style Decisions

BUSINESSES and tradespeople across the country are reassessing the services they provide in the wake of AIB’s decision to implement a cashless policy in their branches, with many stating that they ‘didn’t realise’ that they could stop doing the one thing people needed from them and yet somehow still remain in business. Settling off a… Read more »