Are We Doing Enough To Reward Men Who Violently Assault Women?


WWN CRIME have trawled through a number of assault cases that went before the courts in the wake of the harsh suspended sentence handed down to Irish soldier Cathal Crotty, and discovered a worrying trend.

If the sort of harsh punishments handed down to Crotty are not an isolated incident. Where will men in Ireland get the confidence to attack a woman, flee the scene, boast on social media about the attack and lie to the gardaí about the incident before admitting their guilt only when CCTV footage is discovered?

Below are some of the remarks made by judges in courts in Ireland, but be warned the punitive and cruel way those committing assaults are treated makes for grim and upsetting reading:

“You know what, you’re after telling me he’s good at kicking a ball, I just can’t picture him beating the mother of his children now, Siri, play George Micheal’s ‘Freedom'”

“The accused is only 47, yet to mature, it would be wrong to hand a custodial sentence to someone who drank alcohol before beating someone up, sometimes when I drink I jail people, we all do mad stuff.

“Have you considered the hurt caused to this young man’s knuckles when his fist collided with your face?”

“While you required surgery due to the attack, loss of income and PTSD, I think only a person with a heart of stone would say that is worse that the fate of this young man here, who faces being called mean words by people online. What ever happened to hashtag BeKind? I’m letting him walk”

“I’m not dismissing the jury until someone gives this man a job, the real crime here today is that all it takes is for an unprovoked two-hour attack on an elderly woman to ruin your reputation”

“Mitigating circumstances have to be taken into account, by running from the man trying to attack you made him cover 750 metres as he chased you. He will never get back that 750 metres, the aching feeling in his lungs will haunt him forever, I think we all agree he’s suffered enough”

“Only an irresponsible lunatic like the victim here would think venturing outside on Ireland’s streets between 00:00hrs and 24:00hrs was a good idea. Some personal responsibility must be taken”

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