Bee Splattered On Windscreen Wondering Why Sick Fucks Put Wild Flowers On Busy Roundabout


REGRETING its decision to navigate a busy ring road just to end up being splattered onto the windshield of a Ford Focus, a local pollinator wondered what sick fucks decided to plant wildflowers in the middle of the busiest roads in Waterford.

“Yeah great idea, assholes,” the week-old worker bee thought to itself as the wild daisy pollen and the contents of its own torso became glued to the fast-moving car.

“Jesus, bee number 3466, is that you up there?” another bee asked of a similar looking mess caught in the wiper above him, “roundabout, was it?”

“Hey 7856, no I was working on a verge on a motorway up the road, like who puts a fucking wildflower bed on a motorway verge?” his colleague replied, attempting to peel its leg off the glass.

“I know, right? It’s like they’ve done this on purpose,” 7856 agreed, “my pollen is absolutely ruined here – it sure did look pretty there though, so many colours!”

“Yeah, same above, man – I smelled those blue flowers, and I was like, ‘yeah, let me have some of that’ and then bam, my head was in my arse,” said 3466, wishing the driver would just end it all now by turning on the wipers for a bit.

“Sure at least they’re trying anyway, the stupid cunts – I’m out!” concluded 7856, before passing on to the big beehive in the sky.