Misconceptions Irish People Have About The English


THERE REMAINS a significant degree of ignorance among Irish people when it comes to our neighbour across the Irish sea. We can deny it all we like but many will be surprised that a lot of the stereotypes we treasure and hold dear, simply aren’t true:

That English people aren’t taught their colonial history in school. They are, they don’t care.

They all have names like Sir Percival Pennyfarthing III, Earl of Stolenartifactshire.

The English have terrible teeth. No nation home to Kerry can make such judgements.

They worship the royal family like faultless deities. False, they save that for David and Victoria Beckham.

Their fastidious adherence to not making a fuss means they would never do something like complain about poor service at a restaurant. Incorrect, they’ve started wars over less.

The English mistakenly think famous Irish people are actually British. False, they know what they’re doing and it turns them on to see you fall for it every time.

England remains an exporting titan with many manufacturing powerhouses. Incorrect, English exports have greatly reduced since Brexit and are now confined to pharmaceuticals, misery, and actors who play American superheroes.

That everyone is obsessed with football. For those who have lifetime bans from stadiums for shouting racist abuse, the game lost its soul long ago.

They have the same level of shit services and a blight of rundown areas abandoned and ignored by their government as we do in Ireland. They actually have fractionally more of this problem but give the FF/FG/Greens coalition a chance, they are trying their best.