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All Of This Hilarious

WHILE SOME esteemed and learned commentators on US cable news have insisted this is the gravest miscarriage of justice in history of humanity and/or the biggest threat to the greatest democracy that ever was, a comprehensive study of comedy, timing and context has proven Donald Trump being charged with 34 felonies is objectively hilarious. For… Read more »

Okay So That Unfounded Rumour You Helped Spread Wasn’t True, Here’s What You Do Next

IT could happen to anyone. Office gossip, WhatsApp group, Insta story, 49-tweet thread – we’ve all been in the position of unwittingly sharing a doctored image, false accusation or harmless rumour. We’re all fallible. Did you pass on any rumour about someone having an affair but it categorically wasn’t true? May we introduce to you… Read more »