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Getting Deported On Your J1, A Guide

WITH J1 summer season nearly upon students, WWN has produced this essential guide on ensuring you never forget your magical experience by getting deported. Here’s how you do it: 1) Mistakenly talk to a US police officer the way you would a guard. “Howiya horse?” will certainly be taken not as a genial greeting but… Read more »

If You Read One Thing Today Don’t Make It This, It’s Not My Finest Work & I Was Tight For Time

BELIEVE ME I wish this article was ‘it’ but the day completely got away from me so this definitely isn’t the one thing you need to read today. Honestly, I had every intention of writing something relevant, shocking, zeitgeisty say like ‘Why The Movie Clueless Forms The Bedrock Of Millennials’ Desire For Doomed Romance’ or… Read more »