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Signs You’re Not A Morning Person

THE MORNINGS aren’t for everyone. WWN Business brings you some subtle signs you might be a terse, morning adverse person: 1) You’ll be fucked if you’re arsed reading this before 6pm. 2) Hissing out at sunlight breaking through the curtains. Note: this may mean you are a vampire and WWN is not liable for any… Read more »

Marty Whelan’s Guide To Shagging

IRELAND’S foremost shagger, Marty Whelan talks WWN’s readers through everything you need to know when picking out your next shag carpet: “There’s no pleasure like it, for me it’s shag, shag, shag. You name the room I’d recommend a shag in it. Sitting room, kitchen, study, dining room, that other room no one really has… Read more »

‘Restrictions Gone By Christmas’ & Other Promises The Government Probably Shouldn’t Be Making

WITH Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly talking up the likelihood of having all current Covid-19 restrictions lifted by Christmas time this year if not earlier, WWN has looked into other promises the government should probably hold off on committing to. The promises include: Locating the burial site of Shergar. Eradicating all ‘bits’ in orange juice… Read more »

We Tried These Celebrity Alcohol Brands And Now What Are You Looking At? Do You Want Your Fucking Go?

THE release of Mariah Carey’s new Irish creme liqueur ‘Black Irish’ has inspired WWN to take an afternoon to sample the many different celebrity-endorsed spirits now on the market. We skipped lunch to do this, so let’s see how we get on! 1) Mariah Carey’s ‘Black Irish’ liqueur A nod to Carey’s Cork-by-way-of-Venezuela ancestry, the… Read more »

Signs You’re Left-Handed

ARE YOU a ciotóg? And if so what gives it away? Speaking with leading hand scientists from across the world, WWN have compiled a list of all the unique traits and aspects of left-handed people that serve a cast iron sign you’re a lefty: Your writing is less legible than if five illiterate monkeys were… Read more »