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Coping With Post-Trumpmatic Stress, A Guide

AS THE world picks up the pieces of whatever remains of Western democracy following the 4 year administration of Donald Trump, psychotherapists and psychiatrists alike have called on the emotionally shattered world to come together and cope with its ‘post-trumpmatic stress’ using this handy guide below: Normally, the first step to dealing with post-traumatic stress… Read more »

Tampons: How Essential Are They?

AS Level 5 restrictions continue to keep the nation in a state of confusion as to what shops should and shouldn’t remain open, WWN takes an in-depth look at what products should remain on sale, and what products should be covered over with a tarp in stores to prevent people from even attempting to leave… Read more »

Tracking Bono’s Troubled Upbringing On The Sectarian Streets Of Clontarf

ALTHOUGH many sneered at Jon Bon Jovi’s statement yesterday about how he didn’t have the same upbringing as Bono where one would encounter ‘Orangemen walking through the neighbourhood saying let’s beat up the Catholic kid’, few know the real truth about the U2 frontman’s tough school-life on the unforgiving streets of Dublin in the 1970s,… Read more »