Migrant Twins Open Up About Their Love Of Kerry


AFTER recently just migrating to Kerry from Mexico in the last few days, twins Leonel and Marco Salamanca chat to WWN about their new life in the kingdom.

Arriving in Dublin on Friday evening, the brothers quickly made their way to the southwest of the country to immediately integrate with the locality and to start up a new landscaping business in Ballyseedy in the hopes of making a better life for themselves in Ireland.

Donning shiny tailored suits, the men sat down and told WWN they are looking forward to what the future may bring and working with local businesses in the area.

“We cut grass,” Leonal stated, making a cut throat gesture, presumably imitating how they will fell trees and the likes while landscaping Kerry gardens, “we cut all the grasses,” he added, as they both stood up in unison and finished their very brief interview.

“They seem like nice lads,” one local commented, as the two men began mingling with Ballyseedy residents, “they don’t say much at all, but seem keen to get in contact with the local gardening centre here, obviously due to the game they’re in, landscaping”.