We Asked ChatGPT To Predict What Will Happen In 2024, Here’s What It Said


WWN has enlisted the unrivaled automated-content machine that is ChatGPT to help us gain a window into the year ahead.

Here’s all the astonishing things set to happen in 2024:

The price of rent will decrease to just one kidney per month.

Gossip site TMZ will leak the names of the beloved celebrities who are set to die in 2024, allowing the public to prepare and avoid the shock.

Kerry finally complete construction on their subterranean tunnel connecting the county to North Korea.

The invention of a cafe worker who automatically clicks the ‘no tip’ option on the pay screen before you pay for your to-go coffee.

Ireland will win several Olympic golds in the following events; ‘giving confusing directions to a rural village’, ‘competitive green bin putting out’ and ‘I’m only parking in this disabled spot for a minute, relax!’

A single social housing unit will be completed somewhere, at some point in Ireland in 2024. It will later be discovered following an inquiry, sanctioned on foot of a report into an initial inquiry, that the house was mistakenly built in Fermanagh.

The Children’s Hospital opening will be delayed until 2025. This initial delay will be delayed further at a later date.

Missing posters will be erected across England as football falls to come home from Euro 2024.

2024’s local elections will see everyone’s mad uncle run for local council.

Refugees will embrace the Irish language and become fluent in the antonym for ‘céad míle fáilte’.

Welp, Israel aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

Jedward will be named as the next James Bond.

Ireland’s economy will remain robust and prosperous, and anyone trying to dispute this fact will be replaced by newly built hotel.

Tasked with being asked whether or not they want to remove an archaic clause in the constitution about a woman’s place in the home and have it replaced with more modern and appropriate language which provides rights to citizens, the biggest shit stirrers in the Irish media will pretend this is somehow all about transgender people eating your dogs.

Online news aggregation sites will stalk your every move, you will run, you will leap over walls and throw yourself behind bushes, but no matter what you do they will insist on the fact that you really want nonstop stories about Ryan Tubridy’s radio show.

You will fill your ears with cement causing irreparable damage to your hearing but on the plus side you won’t be subjected to non-stop Donald Trump.