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Gold Plated Syringes & Evian Drips: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s Treatment

AMERICANS may have had a tough time with Covid-19 but they are are now facing their toughest challenge yet; keeping president Donald Trump safe and well as he battles the illness that has killed, in his eyes, 208,000 lesser men and women. Trump is currently undergoing treatment in Walter Reed Hospital, and sources close to… Read more »

What The Tiny Island Of Numbchuckata Can Teach Us About Covid-19 Control

THE PUBLIC, along with experts continue to query the best method for minimising the spread of Covid-19 while also minimising the damage to economic health and societal wellbeing. Is the Swedish mentality the way forward? New Zealand’s ‘zero Covid’ strategy? Can the low incidence of Covid-19 on the continent of Africa be replicated elsewhere? Now,… Read more »

Things That Are Easier To Understand Than The Government’s Current Covid Guidelines

THERE HAS been considerable consternation caused by the latest press briefing conducted by the government’s crack team of Confusing Covid Confusion experts. Such is the impenetrable logic populating much of the new measures and guidelines, some over the top critics have suggested it is high time the government ‘got their fucking heads out of their… Read more »

FactCheck: No, It’s Not Correct To Say Only A Paraplegic Vegan Goat Named Fergal Died From Covid-19 In Ireland

IN WHAT could be perceived as a cynical attempt to copy conspiracy style videos emanating from countries with large numbers of demented idiots, a video from an Irishman was circulated online recently in which he argued that Covid-19 was an overblown nonsense and the public is being duped as to the nature of the death… Read more »