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What A Sinn Féin First Minister Means According To The Fevered Nightmares Of Arlene Foster

TECHNICALLY you are already breaking the law by attempting to read this article in English if you’re resident in Northern Ireland as ‘curry my yogurt’ Irish is the new official language, as outlined in Arlene Foster’s fevered dreams. Using special sectarian science WWN has obtained the nightmares of Arléné Ní Fóstér and can reveal just… Read more »

What’s Going On With The New National Maternity Hospital And Why Are People Unhappy?

CONTROVERSY over building the new national maternity hospital on the grounds of St Vincents, which is owned by the Sisters of Charity, rumbles on with questions remaining over governance and the possible influence a religious institution will have over maternity care. In an effort to clear everything up and put the public at ease a… Read more »

Can You Match The Fading Celebrity To Their Favourite Dictator?

WHAT past-their-prime star from yesteryear is worth their salt without an association with some of the world’s most murderous leaders? And indeed, what kind of dictator doesn’t come endorsed by a has-been celebrity? Here’s a run-down of just a few long-forgotten obscure stars; see if you can guess which evil overlord they’re cosying up to!… Read more »

Signs The Weed Is Too Strong

WITH the potency of cannabis increasing due to a combination of prohibition and a demand from users for more bang for their buck, whiteners have become more common place where pale-faced people have been left incapacitated from the effects of highly potent, unregulated cannabis products. Here are some signs that the weed you’re consuming is… Read more »