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Your Paddy’s Day Survival Guide

IT’S BEEN a while and even the most hardened veteran of Paddy’s Days past is entitled to a bout of humility and admit they need a refresher course in how to survive the carnage. Here’s a reminder of all the handy tips you’ll need to help you survive the festivities: Remember to eat 5 portions… Read more »

Fuel Hikes, Refugees, War – Is This The Golden Age Of Complaining For Irish Dads?

SOME experts would argue no period of upheaval can possibly match the Celtic Tiger era crash for being a generator of apoplectic rage with curmudgeonly and discordant bitterness for Irish fathers at an all time peak. But those same experts that made this assessment couldn’t have predicted a pandemic, inflation, war, refugee crisis and fuel… Read more »

Some Vladimir Putin Facts You Can’t Publish In Russia

WITH the few remaining independent news outlets being forcibly shuttered in Russia for not parroting Putin’s lies and 7,500 people (including several 4-year-olds) and counting arrested for peacefully protesting the invasion of Ukraine, it’s never been harder to express dissenting opinion. To give a taste of the suffocating action taken by Putin’s regime on freedom… Read more »