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All The Emergency Leaving Cert Plans In Full

UNCERTAINTY surrounding the Leaving Cert examinations remains, making an already stressful time for students and their parents even harder. WWN has used a Freedom of Information request to obtain all alternative proposals to traditional Leaving Cert exams currently under consideration by Minister for Education Joe McHugh in light of Covid-19, the contents of which should… Read more »

Walking Etiquette During Covid-19

SINCE the covid-19 lockdown over five weeks ago, many people have discovered a whole new world of exercise with a large majority of people opting to simply put one leg in front of another, a routine commonly known as walking. Technically a simple routine for most, walking during social distancing has thrown a spanner in… Read more »

11 Unverified Houseparty App Hack Rumours We’re Happy To Share With You

IT WAS everyone’s favourite new app, the perfect socialising solution to self-isolation until random unverifiable rumours began circulating about how the app was ‘hacked’. WWN, like any responsible news publication, is doing its best to further spread this very clearly fabricated rumour. Our journalists have collected as many unverified rumours as possible instead of doing… Read more »