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The Irish Media’s Guide To Blanchardstown

AFTER the shooting of two gardaí, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries, the Irish media has once again descended on Dublin suburb Blanchardstown to paint a vivid picture of a war torn apocalypse that would make the Syrian civil war blush through its debris covered face. Here’s what the Irish media can tell the public about Blanchardstown:… Read more »

Emergency Garda Powers To Be Extended Until Don’t Ask Any Questions Just Get In The Back Of The Fucking Van

LEGISLATION to extend emergency Covid-19 powers for restrictions until November was passed by the Seanad yesterday, so either do as your told or just get into the back of the fucking van, scumbag. Garda enforced laws for fines relating to travel restrictions and prohibiting some events, including large gatherings, will continue for another 6 months… Read more »

Solutions To Anti-Social Behaviour

AS SEASIDE towns in Ireland are besieged by yet more anti-social behaviour, many politicians are calling for easy PR in the media by making a number of radical suggestions to curb nuisance making by youths. Acting tough on such things may help politicians get elected before ultimately doing nothing about it, but just what are… Read more »

“Leave Sexy And Distinguished Eoghan Harris Alone” – Barbara J. Pym

WWN’S guest columnist today is none other than revered and respected Twitter account holder and very real person Barbara J. Pym, who discusses the fallout from Eoghan Harris’s sacking from the Sunday Independent after he was found be one of a number of individuals operating an anonymous Twitter account which sent abusive messages to journalists…. Read more »