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No, Martin! Now’s Not The Time To Be Texting Your Ex-Fucking-Girlfriend!

THE suffocating blanket of dread placed over just about everyone during this Covid-19 pandemic has lead many people to reassess their careers, lives, how they treat loved ones and material things they laughably once considered important. However, Martin, it’s now not the time, actually it’s just about the most selfish and self-serving time to use… Read more »

How To Make A Happy Meal Your Kids Will Think Came Straight From McDonalds!

CORONAVIRUS claimed its biggest casualty of this crisis so far yesterday, with the closure of McDonalds restaurants around the country for the foreseeable future. With access to mass-produced chicken & beef-based fried foods now curtailed, parents find themselves facing into self-isolation with their children for an undetermined amount of time without even their usual ‘be… Read more »

“I’m Not Just A Piece Of Meat”

WWN speaks exclusively to the man at the centre of so many WhatsApp group interactions and big mickey based tomfoolery, professional porn actor, Darius Clement. Clement speaks candidly about his newfound status as an internet meme and legend, and how he isn’t a piece of meat to be used as part of people’s funny internet… Read more »