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Enjoying The UK’s Brexit Hell While Ignoring All Political Disgraces At Home, A Guide

THE UK’s free fall toward international laughing stock and rotten banana republic should be a slamdunk schadenfreude spectacular for any self-respecting, historical oppression-hating Irish person, and yet. Such is the seismic magnitude of Ireland’s political eejitry that going abroad for your political tut-tutting when we’ve got our very own home-grown gombeens can seem a tad… Read more »

When The Lights Go Out: A Guide

THE government has refused to offer any assurances or promises that the possibly upcoming energy shortages in winter will not cause sporadic blackouts around the country, leading many to believe that sporadic blackouts around the country are a 100% certainty in the coming months. With huge volumes of the nation’s electricity inexplicably disappearing into the… Read more »

“I’m Going To Buy A New Notepad, Pen”: Gardaí Tell Us What They’ll Spend 1% Wage Hike On

SECURING a 1% pay increase in the remainder of this year with a further 2% to come in 2022, delighted gardaí from across the country have shared what they’ll spend the mammoth windfall/bonanza/Euromillions lotto win increase on with WWN. As with all well publicised modest pay increases in Ireland, the increase has been met with… Read more »